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Great Success

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

For the 2022 edition of the European Heritage Days, Karib'Cultur's artistic workshops were a great success. Many of you registered, even more of you called for lack of being able to register because the number of places was necessarily limited to guarantee the quality of reception.

You'll find beside a photo gallery of the six workshops that we led. We'll complete it with the clay works made on this occasion and which will be put in the oven this week. Each trainee will be able to collect a souvenir of these memorable days.

In order to meet the expectations expressed by many of you, we'll soon be offering periodic workshop at the gallery. Follow us on the website or social networks. To be sure not to miss these coming opportunities, the easiest way is to register through the site. Each person who sent us their email will automatically receive an email.

To conclude, a special thank you to you, the participants for your presence and your good mood and see you very soon.

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