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the beneficial effects of Art in business

Hanging works of art can energize the workspace, look and creativity and create interactions and discussions.

Karib'Cultur wishes to give everyone the keys to understanding art and thus allow collaborators and client visitors to build their opinion on the works to get away from the traditional “I like” or “I don't like”.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Bringing art into life, in the most everyday place that is, reflects the identity of the company, it promotes relationships with the interlocutors you invite into your offices, but they will also keep this image in mind and will be likely to talk about it around them.


naturally beneficial external communication

A good way to build a reputation with everyone

A painting, a bas-relief, a sculpture… exhibited in an office, a study, a meeting room, must be accessible and must neither repel nor frighten.

The members of Karib'Cultur are convinced that it is necessary to choose works around themes that echo identity, culture and current affairs. Of course, art does not fulfill a physical need, but we can consider that it fulfills a need of a psychological order: that of feeling and expressing emotions, which is essential for man precisely, because that - this is not only a body but also a spirit.

Space is above all a link of communication. When we wait, we look around, we look at the walls, we occupy the mind. Eyes circulate… we must be feeling good.

What is hung, exposed, should prompt us to reflect.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

It's hard to say that Art decorates.

Art adds, completes, fills, sometimes denounces, but fills and satisfies a need. We may or may not communicate with what is exposed. But a very large audience has to want to watch. This is to add the element of culture, education, and well-being. Our multiple roots allow us to question ourselves on this heritage which can refer to a know-how and a know-how.

The culture of a people can be a counterweight to the uniformity of the world, which requires respect for other ways of thinking.

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Native American heritages question our heritage

Karib'Cultur has set itself a mission of reappropriating and enhancing this
Amerindian heritage fundamental component of syncretic identity
Martinican and more broadly Caribbean.
This syncretic identity made up of multiple contributions, which have merged according to the
process of creolization well described by Ed. Glissant and symbolized in the
works by W. Lam.
The reappropriation and enhancement of these different components of the
Caribbean cultural and identity heritage are part of an approach
resolutely post-colonial theory.

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