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Team building - Unleash their creativity

Karib'Cultur is a platform which aims to contribute to boosting the process of Brewing Cultures and Civilizations in World Society, through cultural diversity, intercultural, transcultural and eco-cultural dialogue. The purpose of the Karib'Cultur association is to contribute, through research and actions, to better living together and better understanding between individuals, as well as greater harmony between peoples.

This is to add the element of culture, education, and well-being.

Our multiple roots allow us to wonder about this heritage which can refer to a know-how and a know-how.

The culture of a people can be a counterweight to the uniformity of the world, which requires respect for other ways of thinking. Amerindian heritages question our heritage.

Karib'Cultur has set itself a mission of re-appropriation and enhancement of this Amerindian heritage, a fundamental component of the syncretic identity of Martinique and more broadly of the Caribbean.

This syncretic identity made up of multiple contributions which have merged according to the process of creolization well described by Edouard Glissant and symbolized in the works of Wifredo Lam.

The reappropriation and enhancement of these different components of the Caribbean cultural and identity heritage are part of a resolutely post-colonial theoretical approach.

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