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ADORNO framed

ADORNO framed

The originals were found on different sites in Martinique. "VIVE" in the town of Lorrain, on the site of DIZAC in Diamant, on the site of Anse Belleville au Prêcheur, on the site of Anse Trabaud in St. Anne and are kept at the Departmental Museum of Archeology and Prehistory from Martinique

Beginning of the sedentarization of the Amerindians in Martinique:

-500 BC to 1600 AD

The Amerindian peoples lived in Martinique until the arrival of the

Europeans in the 17th century.

They were hunted, exploited, enslaved or killed.

There are many traces of their culture in our daily life.

  • details

    Adorno / ceramic (Adorno: in modeled terracotta, anthropomorphic, zoomorphic or anthropo zoomorphic figurative element placed on the handles or the edge of certain Amerindian vases (sometimes object of gripping)

    material: ceramic, frame

    dimensions: 40 x 50 cm

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